TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. Only orders confirmed by email will be confirmed 2. Description, quantity, size, fragrance must be specified 3. We do not accommodate consignments 4. Please ensure quantities and products are correct on sale order received from us 5. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the products, please get in touch within 7 days Please supply us with a detailed report and if found valid by Bath Bakery we will replace unsatisfactory product. LEAD TIME 1. Bath Bakery is a semi automated factory and all our product are handmade. We do not stock products. 2. Please plan ahead as we can not guarantee “urgent Orders”. Our production line is planned and pre-booked. Please place orders in advance keeping these factors in mind 100 - 1000 units = 7 -14 working ays 1001 - 6000 units = 15 - 21 workind days 6000 - 10 000 unit = 21 - 35 working days PAYMENT AND PRICES 1. Prices may change without notice due to increase of raw material, we will endeavour to notify our clients 2. Bath Bakery will send you a Pro-Forma invoice after recipt of your order 3. Please check quantities and items of the order 4. Full payment of order is required on confirmation, before we begin manufacturing DELIVERY 1. Bath Bakery is in a position to do deliveries in neighbouring towns in Gauteng, a quotation will be given provided in the Pro Forma 2. For out of town orders Bath Bakery have a contracted courier that we can use on request 3. No arranged deliveries are insured unless requested. 4.Bath Bakery can not be held liable for any losses or damage incuurred after the release of the order 5. Please send clear delivery instructions to us. Only email instructions will be acknowledged. INGREDIENTS 1. Ingredients lists are available on all products on request 2. All our products are manufactured by proven formulations and are not subject to change 3. We use FD&C (Food, Drug and Cosmetic) colourants. These are water based colourants. Due to water based colours in multi-coloured soaps, the colours do bleed into each other. This is normal 4. None of the colourants we use stains towels or face cloths. Currently we are not aware of any staining when using our products. 5. We only use cosmectic grade fragrances. Please take note some fragrances do change the colour of the product. E.g. Vanilla and Fenjal gives a product a brownish colour and will intensify over time.